Hi, I’m Pat Stevens, better known
as PS Originals and welcome to
The Grin Collection.  I’ve been
drawing faces on cloth since 1989.

It all started when a friend asked 
me to share a booth with her at a
local craft show.  I paid $15 for
the booth and sold $190 of hand-
drawn, sewn and decorated cloth
bears.  At that show a lady said,
”That is the cutest face.  You
should have it copyrighted.”
Others asked, “Where are you
going to be next?”  A year later,
PS Originals was born.

I copyrighted my original drawings, “The Grin Collection,” in 1990.  Named for their smiles, I began with 9, and now have 26 different characters.  The bear, rabbit and cat are the most popular.  I use them in designs year round.  Cloth birdhouses, flowers, stars, hearts and Easter eggs enhance my spring collection.  In the fall and winter, my ghosts and snowmen top the list.  Though I can’t forget the witch, scarecrows, sunflowers, pumpkins and gingerbreads.

All my designs are hand-drawn and signed on a multitude of fabrics and quilts to achieve unique creations.  They range from 2” to 27” tall.  They are ornaments, pins, magnets or wall hangings.  I place some in wreaths or picture frames.  Others are attached to bases to be displayed on shelves, furniture or even the floor.  

I love making one of a kind creations despite how time consuming it can be.  There is a moment after finding that perfect button or scarf or “thing” that brings the piece to life.  That’s what I love and that’s why I look forward to tomorrow.  I never know what I’ll create next.  Check out my spring and fall schedule and come see what’s new.  Thanks for visiting.Spring%20Schedule.htmlFall%20Schedule.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
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